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It's tough to review a game like BioShock simply because its been in production for so long (the game was first revealed way back in 2004) and heavily hyped as the greatest thing since sliced bread from the very beginning. There are always going to be some people who complain when they see a positive review of such a product. "Oh sure," they might exclaim, "they were so pumped to finally play the final game that any flaws are glossed over." However, in this case the hype is indeed justified. While it is not perfect, 2K Boston/Australia's (formerly Irrational Games) latest release is their best game they have developed and since this is the same team that created terrific Game of the Year titles like System Shock 2 and the Freedom Force titles, that's saying something.

The credit to how good BioShock is has to be put on Ken Levine, the creative director for the dev studio. Levine' main talent is knowing that gameplay design and graphics have to be great but that storyline, characters and originality also have to come into play. So many games are released that are well made but are basically just updates to previous games we have played before. BioShock is unlike any game ever released from a major publisher. It's a first person shooter, but it melds in elements of role playing and adventure games so well that people who don't care for those genres won't realize it. They will just know that BioShock is an entertaining game to play from start to finish.




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